Add a little sunshine to your living room with a burst of warming orange.
Which colour will light up your life?

Which colour will light up your life?

Add a little sunshine with warm orange.

Introduce orange to a room and the effect is immediate. Warm, welcoming and cheerful, orange brings up thoughts of sunny days and freshly picked fruit. Paint your walls orange and you may just find that the room becomes instantly cosier. This is because orange expands, making it the perfect shade for brightening north-facing rooms that don’t see much natural light.

Pair bright orange shades like pumpkin, tangerine and carrot with a cool crisp neutral palette to create a bold yet refined look. Light, soft shades like apricot, coral and peach are better suited to large areas with good natural light, like extended living areas or kids’ rooms. After all, what is orange but a touch of sunshine all year round?

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