Do you want to create a dining room that stir up the senses and stimulates the hunger? Be encouraged from the food on your plate.
Design an attractive dining room

Design a mouth-watering dining room

Stimulate your hunger with a warm, fresh colour palette.

There’s no better drive for the imagination than food, especially when it inspires delightful colour patterns perfect for your dining and eating areas. Studies have shown that colours typically found on our plates stimulate the hunger and help to aid digestion – think peppery red, lime green and dessert yellow.

If hot, bright shades aren’t your thing, explore into the spice cabinet and take inspiration from shades of golden cinnamon, blue-green rosemary and nutmeg. Warm, buttery hues not only foster good feelings of hearth and home, they create a comfortable, attractive atmosphere that encourages the family to reconnect – over good food, of course.