6 colorful ideas for painting tiles

Tiles in your bathroom or kitchen looking a little dull or unloved? Give them a quick and easy update with Simply Refresh

Revitalize with color 

Instantly update tired or unfashionable kitchen tiles by painting them bright blue, it’s the quick and easy way to invigorate your space. Contrast this energetic tone with simple white cabinets and shelves to give a room a fresh and playful look. You can experiment with a range of materials – from wood to glass – to add depth to the look.

Which colors?

R5.21.61 / 69BG 40/190

A twist on neutrals


If you’re looking for a timeless and welcoming space, why not paint your tiles in a calming neutral? Taupe or mushroom hues offer versatility and provide a soft backdrop for your existing fittings. Layer neutral colors to create a sophisticated feel and try leaving the other walls a different color – this will draw the eye to the main hub of the kitchen. Add a vase of flowers with gentle lighting to finish the room and create the perfect setting for entertaining.

Which colors?

F9.03.76 / 50YY 63/041

Bring the outdoors in


Create an oasis in your kitchen by painting the tiling a vibrant color. Using playful tones, like leafy green, will revitalize the space and give the room a fresh feeling. Don’t be afraid to go bold – modern fittings and counters keep this look contemporary. To finish, decorate with leafy plants and your favorite cast iron pots.

Which colors?

H1.20.70 / 90YY 54/254

Be adventurous with yellow


Experiment with colors and go bold in your bathroom by painting the tiles. Try a warming shade of yellow for the whole room and enjoy the invigorating results. This contemporary color-blocking style is one way to confidently transform your space. You can use grey slate tiles and bright white fittings to complement the design.

Which colors?

F4.54.66 / 30YY 46/608

Instant tranquility


To create your very own spa-like bathroom at home, try updating the tiles with a calming color. Mint green breathes life into a room, creating a haven for you to relax in. Dark flooring will contrast against the walls and extend the feeling of luxury. Accessories made from natural materials such as wicker baskets and earthenware pots finish the look, giving you a tranquil space to unwind.

Which colors?

LN.01.82 / 10GG 72/022

Go chic with pink


Try giving plain or outdated tiles a new lease of life with the modern take on a neutral. A pale blush or barely-there pink instantly revives a space, conveying a sense of contemporary sophistication. Keep the look fresh by pairing it with clean white surfaces and modern fittings.

Which colors?

ZN.02.80 / 26RR 73/037

To update your tiles quickly and easily, follow these simple steps. 

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