Gloss paint for woodwork

5 ways to transform your furniture

Whether it’s just painting the legs of a chair or giving a sideboard a full revamp, furniture makeovers are fun and creative projects and now with Simply Refresh they’re also quick and easy!

Update with black

Instantly transform old or worn furniture with paint to achieve dramatic results. Try painting an old or outdated chair in jet black for a contemporary look. Setting the chair against pale, cream walls and medium-toned flooring will draw attention to your masterpiece. This sophisticated seating area is completed with a low, minimalist table and green foliage for a pop of color. 

Which colors?

ON.00.10 / 00NN 05/000
GN.01.88 / 83YY 88/033
U3.15.11 / 66BB 06/077

Go seamless and stylish

Mur jaune pâle avec banc assorti

Tie your furniture in with your walls by painting them in the same color. This will create a sense of unity in the space, helping it feel neat and tidy. Pale-yellow is a fresh and playful way to experiment with color-blocking. Use the bench surface to display your favorite books and ornaments. Large plants will help give the space a relaxed feel.

Which colors?

G0.09.85 / 53YY 82/133

Get creative with your furniture

Table et chaises contre un mur jaune vif

Bring your tables and chairs to life by painting parts of the legs and tops. This playful design works particularly well to bring different styles of furniture together. You can experiment with color too by either matching them with your walls or making them pop out in contrasting tones. To add to the modern look, go bold with acid yellow walls and enjoy the vibrant results.

Which colors?

GN.01.89 / 65YY 91/027
G4.50.75 / 66YY 61/648
HN.02.77 / 96YY 66/036
E4.05.45 / 02YY 22/055

Explore your playful side

Armoire jaune devant un mur blanc

If you’ve gone for fairly neutral or muted tones for larger parts of a space, adding brightly colored furniture is a great way to create a point of interest. It’s also the perfect opportunity to get experimental and creative! A joyous, bright yellow tone immediately updates a piece of furniture, transforming it from average to show-stopping. Complete this contemporary look with architectural ornaments.

Which colors?

F4.54.66 / 30YY 46/608
SN.01.85 / 06BB 79/016

A modern twist for an old classic

Une chaise marron et blanche et un bureau en bois

If you’ve got a classic piece of furniture that could do with a new lease of life, give it a makeover with color. A deep maroon will give a sense of opulence and pairing it with white will give it a contemporary feel. If you’re feeling creative and want to extend your makeover, find a complimentary tone for your walls, a light dusky pink is a timeless tone that will bring the look together.

Which colors?

ZN.02.73 / 40RR 57/045
Z9.19.12 / 52RR 06/105
GN.01.89 / 83YY 88/033

Follow these simple steps to transform your furniture.

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