White kitchen cabinets and blue walls

5 ways to transform kitchen cabinets l Taubmans Paint

Is your kitchen looking tired or dull? Give it a quick and easy makeover that will give it a new lease of life

Create contrast between tones

Sometimes, all your kitchen needs to look brand new is a coat or two of paint. Update the cabinets by painting them bright white, giving the room a clean and contemporary feel. Experiment with contrasts by choosing a sophisticated color for the walls. Dark blue will give your kitchen a sense of depth, while brushed stainless steel handles, countertops and splash-back keep this look up-to-date. Decorate your fresh new space with small pot plants that will pop against the cabinets.

Which colors?

GN.01.89/ 65YY 91/027
S9.20.21 / 17BB 08/104

Bring the outdoors in

A kitchen with green cabinets and metal counter top

Breathe new life into your kitchen by painting your cabinets in invigorating tones. Using a lively green creates a stimulating atmosphere, evoking the feeling of relaxing long walks and fun trips to the park. Metal countertops and fittings will create a modern look and an unfussy place to cook and entertain.

Which colors?

H1.20.70 / 90YY 54/254

Make a statement with red

Bright red kitchen cabinets with white walls

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try painting your kitchen cupboards a bold color? An eye-catching red will instantly add interest to your room and make an impact. Contrast deep crimson with white counter-tops, walls and sink for a modern but achievable look. To soften this style, use the counters and shelves to display your favorite utensils and crockery in neutral tones.

Which colors?

B9.50.36 / 10YR 15/500
ON.00.90 / 81YR 85/004

A mini transformation

White and grey cabinets

For a quick and easy makeover that will still transform, try painting certain parts of your cabinets. Cool greys and fresh whites will give you a scandi-chic look. Wooden furniture and flooring will create that effortlessly sophisticated yet laid back feel. Complement the design with minimalist ornaments and pots in simple whites.

Which colors?

HN.02.85 / 89YY 80/039
HN.02.77 / 96YY 66/036

Create a seamless look

Blue kitchen cabinets and splash back

If you’re looking for a sophisticated and serene kitchen, try matching the cabinet color with the splash back. Choose a cool blue, to give the room a sense of space and continuation. Complement the cooler tones by introducing warm wooden table and chairs. Balance the makeover further by decorating the white counters with simple wooden chopping boards and utensils.

Which colors?

QN.02.82 / 72BG 75/023
S2.13.39 / 90BG 17/090
S2.07.58 / 90BG 35/068
B5.05.52 / 10YR 28/072

Not sure what to do next? Take a look at this quick how-to video to help transform your kitchen.

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